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The terms Big Bag or Big Pack or FIBC  mean something like “Big Sack” and mean flexible bulk goods containers with a large volume and many fields of application. The term “Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container” or FIBC for short is also used internationally. Big Bags are used in a wide variety of areas of the manufacturing industry and, thanks to their high filling volume, help to significantly reduce packaging proportions and costs.

In order for the many positive properties of the Big Bag (Big Pack, FIBC) to be fully effective, quality and thus experience in all aspects of production play a major role. QUP as a Big Bag (Big Pack, FIBC) manufacturer therefore not only relies on cost-effective Big Bag solutions for a wide variety of requirements – rather, QUP always combines flexible solutions for a wide variety of industries with outstanding quality.

The QUP quality promise

As a manufacturer of big bags with many years of experience, QUP knows the important role precision and quality play in the development and manufacture of big bags. Through accuracy in processing and the use of high-quality materials, QUP ensures that QUP Big-Bags are not only flexible, but also particularly robust and stable. This makes handling and filling easier and also guarantees maximum safety.

In order to meet its own high quality standards, QUP relies on constant quality controls for both its standardized BigBag models and individual productions. In addition, QUP relies on regular resilience tests, the use of certified raw materials and conscientious compliance with safety requirements.

If you decide on one of the standard models or individual, dimensionally stable, food-safe or special QUP Big Bags for hazardous goods, you are not only relying on the best price-performance ratio, but also on excellent quality.


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For inquiries from our valued business partners like you, we are also happy to serve other industries (sectors), as the world of big bags is as individual as the products with which they are filled.

Our motto is “Best quality at the best price”. Hence the name “QUP” quality and price.

Please call us if you have any questions or send us an e-mail so that we can advise you professionally at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Bag

Big Bag is one of the most useful and inexpensive forms of packaging used in various industries. The first big bags were made of PVC rubber and black carbon in 1940. They were further developed in 1960 and are still produced from polypropylene fabric today.

The big bags are preferred for clean and safe transport or storage. They are made of smooth polypropylene fabrics, as required, with or without lamination. These large bags offer the advantage of fast, easy and cost-effective storage, as well as the transport of powder and granulated products.

Due to the synthetic material made of polymer (nylon), which can be processed as an additive, food, chemicals and sensitive products can also be easily transported.

Big bags weigh 2 to 3 kg and have a filling capacity of 500 kg to 2000 kg. Thus, you can transport or store much more at once, in addition, the transport or

Transfer with them much easier than with the usual methods. The unique material of our Big Bags, which is made with a special weaving technique and equipped with UV protection, is durable, easy to handle and hygienic.

Big Bag Preise

4 Loops Big Bag is a large plastic container with four loops used for safe transport and storage. It can be useful in various industrial sectors. These large containers are the solution for fast, easy and, above all, cost-effective storage or transport.

UN Big Bag

In order to avoid accidents during the transport of dangerous goods, there are certain strict regulations. These bags are produced within the framework of the Regulation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods issued by the United Nations (UN). Please contact us to find out the price.

Q Big Bag

Use Q Big Bags to make the most of the space for transport and storage. On all four sides of the container, sheet metal panels are sewn on the inside to ensure perfect stability. Your Q Big Bag stands upright and thus saves space in the storage and shipping phase. Application: Preferred for products with low volume or space requirements. Please contact us to find out the price.

Conductive Big Bag

The Type C Big Bag is made of special fabrics, with special conductive threads. This type C container has the task of preventing substances that cause electrostatic discharge during filling and discharging or flammable/explosive gases in the environment from interacting and thus causing catastrophic damage. To prevent these dangers, the Type C Big Bag should be used. Please contact us to find out the price.

Food Big Bags

As the name suggests, these are used in food production. This bag has been specially developed for the hygienic transfer and storage of food. Please contact us to find out the price.

Asbestos Big Bag

Asbestos is a dangerous substance that has been widely used, especially in construction. Since 2005, the use of asbestos has been banned in the EU. The proper and controlled packaging of this fabric can be easily provided with our Asbestos Big Bags. Please contact us to find out the price.

For each of these 4 Loop Big Bags we produce your individual Big Bag. Depending on the use, there are different variants and can be manufactured as desired. We can produce for you your Big Bag open at the top, with an enema opening or with a flap, an apron or with a conical enema. The lower part of the Big Bag can also be developed for you. Apart from a closed floor, a spout, a rosette spout, a spout with star closure, spout with bottom flap or with outlet apron is also possible. If you are interested, please contact us to find out the price.

Big Bag Kaufen

With our many years of experience and our environmentally friendly concept, we always strive to meet the big bag requirements of our customers in the fields of plastics, chemicals, iron and steel, food, construction, mining, energy, fertilizers, agriculture and forestry.

A qualitative and hygienic production is essential for us.

Our goal is to increase the expectations and satisfaction of all our customers. Affordable delivery is our company policy.

On the way to becoming an indispensable producer of the market and industry in the long term; We are happy to help our valued customers meet all their big bag and packaging material requirements with high-end production without compromising our honesty and reputation.

If you want to buy Big Bag , we are just a phone call away before and after the service.

What is Big Pack

Big Pack is a flexible, high-quality form of packaging that ensures fast filling under strong pressure and prevents nothing from spilling. In addition, it is very robust, so that no cracks can occur due to foreign bodies. It also offers protection against UV radiation and moisture. The easy unloading and the high level of safety gives you time and saves you high costs.

The Big Packs manufactured by us can be used in various areas. The standard form is generally used in agriculture, construction and mining. There are different types and models that we are manufactured for different requirements and purposes. We offer two product models, the one with 1-2 loops and the one with 4 loops. The product with 1-2 loops (hangers) has a round shape and its maximum filling capacity is at 1000 kg. The 4 Loop Big Pack is offered in several models and can vary depending on the purpose and needs. There is the Food Grade Bag, which was made especially for food; the Quadro Bag, which ensures perfect stability; the conductive bag, prevents electrostatic charging due to friction; the UN Bag, complies with the regulations of the UN; the Asbestos Bag, which is particularly well insulated, and the Builder Bag, which is particularly suitable for transporting sand, gravel or waste. All models and types of this product can be used in different areas. These areas are, for example: food processing, chemicals, plastics, construction, mining, iron and steel, energy, textiles, forestry, agriculture and agriculture. In terms of loading capacity, cost and durability, it is the most suitable and economically advantageous packaging product for each area and for each product. It is used in all industries for packaging, storing and transporting materials and, above all, extremely heavy materials.

With our unique Big Pack, you save packaging materials because they can hold several tons. In addition, you can save an enormous amount of space both during stacking and transport. The handling is extremely simple, because they are easy to fill and empty again. The transport and transfer processes are fast and this in turn saves costs and time. Depending on the purpose and use, individual variants of the product can be produced.

Big Pack Preise

Big Pack Pricing The 1-2 Loops Big Pack Sack is the most advantageous model and is characterized by an optimal price-performance ratio. Due to its simple construction and its different sizes, it is easy to use. Due to its unique concept, it offers the user maximum benefit. The filling process is completed in the shortest possible time. The transport of the goods works simply and smoothly, since you can transport the Big Pack even without a forklift, this saves a lot of time and money. Depending on the needs of the customer, the bag can be produced with one or two loops. On request, they can also be produced coated or uncoated. They are mainly used for the transport of products such as fertilizers or cement.

Please contact us to find out the price.

Big Pack Buy

In the packaging industry, we have a wide range of services. In supply chain management, we are the best big pack manufacturers, because we ensure that the storage and delivery of the products is always on time and in the desired quality and error-free. As one of the leading manufacturers in this industry, we are constantly following the market situation.

We produce big packs that our customers need, responsibly, on time, according to your wishes and ensure unconditional customer satisfaction. We are not only open to questions, suggestions, ideas and opinions about our products, but also always attach great importance to customer satisfaction.

We produce big packs by combining years of experience with today’s technology. We are only one phone call away throughout before and after the service.

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