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As a specialized Big Bag (Big Pack, FIBC) manufacturer with experience and expertise, QUP offers Big Bags (internationally also called Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container or FIBC for short) that meet the highest demands. What all Big Bag (Big Pack, FIBC) variants have in common is that they offer a cost-effective and simple packaging option for transporting and storing a wide variety of bulk goods. Thanks to the PP fabric mostly used in production, Big Bags are robust, flexible and can be made dustproof or breathable if required.

4 Loop Big Bags – i.e. FIBCs with 4 loops – are among the most common flexible bulk containers and are used in many different industries. To be able to meet your needs, QUP offers common 4 loop Big Bags in different versions:

  • Standard Big Bags with 4 loops

QUP standard Big Bags are a simple but particularly practical solution for storing and transporting bulk goods. By default, the flexible containers are open at the top and have a flat bottom. They are used particularly often as construction and waste big bags. Production is also possible under so-called clean room conditions – this enables the use of the standardized, 4-loop Big Bags as so-called food grade (food quality) Big Bags in the food or pharmaceutical industry.

  • Dimensionally stable Big Bags with 4 loops

In addition to particularly flexible standard Big Bags, QUP also offers special, dimensionally stable Big Bags. These are equipped with partitions on the inside so that they remain dimensionally stable when filled. In addition, the special construction guarantees that dimensionally stable Big Bags can be easily filled right up to their corners. Easier filling can help to drastically reduce transport costs.

Just like standard Big Bags from QUP, rigid bulk containers can also be designed as conductive Big Bags, UN (ADR) Big Bags or asbestos Big Bags.

We have a widely expanded product range to be able to answer special requests of our customers in the production of 4-loop big bags. Our big bags hold various products manufactured by different industries, moisture, electrostatic hazards and external factors, extend their shelf life and allow safe storage and transport without loss of quality. In the design and manufacture of big bags, we keep safety in all properties in the foreground and focus on the requirements and needs of our customers.


Standard 4-loop big bags are the most common big bag types, which can carry up to 2,000 kg. Body tissues consist of round or flat tissues. The construction is based on a U or round panel. All filling, unloading and lifting options are possible. Seams can be made dustproof.

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Food Grade Bags are specially made for sensitive products that have direct contact with food. We know the importance and the high demands of these products. Thus, we know our task and responsibility and produce and deliver the best quality of big bags for the food industry.

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This type of Big Bag is referred to as Q BAG, QUADRO BAG, FORMSTABLE BAG and BAFFLE BAG on the market. The deflection plates / panels are sewn within 4 loops big bags. This makes the big bag shape stable and prevents bulging. The baffles have holes, which ensure a perfect material flow in the filling process and at the same time perfect stability.

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During the filling and emptying process of certain products, friction of the filled material can lead to electrostatic charges on the surface of big bags. This can cause an explosion when filling or unloading if the big bags are not grounded. To prevent this, type C conductive big bags must be used for the safety of people and equipment in the vicinity of the filling or unloading area.

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UN Big Bags are used for the storage and transport of dangerous goods. International standards are mentioned by the United Nations in the Orange Book to protect human health and the environment. Groups II and III must be able to be stored and transported by these big bags.

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Since asbestos has carcinogenic properties, there is a high health risk. In 2005, the use of asbestos will be banned in the EU and the disposal of asbestos must be carried out in accordance with the rules laid down by the EU.

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Builder bags are very simple big bags used primarily in the construction industry for sand, gravel, waste and recycling. The standard dimensions are one and a half or 1 cubic meter: 80x80x80 cm or 90x90x110 cm. The capacity is up to 2000 kg.

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All top, bottom and lift options are available for your 4-loop big bags. Please decide according to your needs or contact us to find out which option is best for your use.

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