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All big bags that we produce as QUP Verpackung GmbH are manufactured under all necessary quality controls. Our products are symmetrical, extremely powerful and reliable. Our products have no defects such as cracks, folds, holes, dents or seam defects that could prevent use. Depending on your wishes, we can print logos, illustrations, texts and optimal markings on your big bags. The illustrations or texts printed by us are clearly visible and legible. You can also order your big bags in colour from us.

The coloring of the bags is done from the outside, so nothing changes in the quality of the big bag. During the production of big bag bags, it is ensured that the bag always remains tight and firm during filling, storage or transport. The durability of our product is rigorously checked before delivery with countless and necessary tests.

Our big bags are made of recyclable, environmentally friendly and risk-free materials.

Capacity (kg)

SWL (kg)


Safety (kg)





















(SWL: Safety Working Load, SF: Safety Factor)

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Taking into account the SWL and SF values of the big bags given in the table, they are manufactured and labelled in accordance with the FIBC standard (English for: flexible intermediate container for bulk materials).

The seam and components of the Big Bag are suitable according to the same standard as the SWL and SF values given in the table above and offer sufficient UV resistance. In addition, the resistance of the containers to ultraviolet sunlight (UV), humidity and fluctuating temperatures is sufficient. The entire surface of a big bag, when exposed to UV radiation with an intensity of 150 Kly for a year (i.e. a whole summer and winter), retains at least 50% of the initial finish. Prints on the bags are uniform and in the same shade. The fonts and characters are created legibly and correctly. After the containers are filled and stacked, they always stand straight and upright. The seam of the fabric and the loops (loops) are smooth and regular. The thickness of the bag (big bag) is homogeneous and is at least 0.40 mm. The main body of the bag as well as the opening for filling and unloading are designed to be leak-proof. The area of the seam in the discharge opening of the product, has been specially made to ensure sealing. The lower stiffener, which is used for setting, is sewn at least 25 cm away from the body.

In the production of Q-Bags, the panels are manufactured according to the technical specifications. The seams located on the sides of the bag for the panels, are straight and firm, as well as at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor to prevent the big bag from tipping over, this extremely stable technique is preferred.

The polyethylene bag (PE) is made of the transparent material polyethylene. As can be seen in the pictures of our website, these bags are made in the specified size and placed in the big bag bags. The connection of the inner bag with the outer bag is made at all four corners in such a way that no cracks occur during transport, filling and unloading. The length and shape of the Big Bag loops are designed to fit easily into the forklift hooks. In order to achieve a maximum load capacity, a reinforcement column can be attached around the big bag bags. In this way, you also ensure the service life of a respective big bag.

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