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Buy Big Pack – Big Packs Buy – Qup Big Packs – Big Packs can be used in many ways. 1-2 loops, 4 loops big packs. Big packs can be used in many ways. They are compact, safe and easy to transport. However, it is extremely important to follow the safety instructions and tips required when transporting, loading, unloading and stacking.

Loading and unloading the large containers

Before filling your Big Pack, make sure it is on a stable bottom surface, for example on the floor or on a pallet. To be able to hang it with all four loops, use the loading mechanism. Before loading or unloading the Big Pack, be sure that there is no one under the bag. Do you work with the antistatic Big Pack bags type C? Then you should first ground the bag and then fill it.

Never exceed the maximum load capacity. This ensures absolute safety in order to transport or store the container without any problems. Also, always make sure that the weight is evenly distributed. Use the gravity of the charging system when loading your Big Pack bag.

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Transporting Big Pack Bags with the Forklift

Before using the forklift, make sure that all hooks are not turned, but vertical. In order to distribute the weight of the container evenly, all four loops should be used. Make sure that the fork width or the forklift itself is adjusted accordingly.

In order to transport the Big Bag Bag without damage, you should definitely check the forklift for sharp edges before lifting. To prevent damage or accidents, you should refrain from using sharp objects. Hold the Big Pack horizontally and very close to the ground. In order to ensure long-term use, these safety precautions must be strictly adhered to.

Loading Big Pack bags with a crane

First of all, you should make sure that the hooks of the crane before moving are set vertically or rotated. Again, it is important to check that the crane hooks have sharp edges before lifting or hooking in the loops. For weight distribution, it is advisable to use all four loops together.

Buy Big Pack Bags – Transport, Stacking and Storage

Make sure that the containers are always on a solid ground. These can be straight shelves, pallets or floors. When stacking, be sure to follow the necessary instructions and use appropriate big packs. To store the bags, you can preferably place them between two or three walls. Let one of our professional employees advise you well! For maximum lifespan, you should store your Big Pack bags in a clean, dry and closed place.

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