Product Development

QUP – Your Big Bag (Big Pack, FIBC) manufacturer with many years of experience

Are you looking for a reliable partner who will work with you to develop special Big Bag (Big Pack, FIBC) solutions that fit your needs exactly? Thanks to many years of experience in product manufacturing and product development, QUP is the perfect partner for you.

The comprehensive and long-standing expertise as a manufacturer and supplier of Big bags allows QUP to respond to special customer requests in the best possible way and to jointly develop product solutions that combine the highest quality and functionality at the best price.

No matter whether you are looking for standard, food grade, UN-certified, anti-static Type B, conductive TYPE C, dimensionally stable or asbestos Big Bags, QUP will not only help you to find the right Big Bag for your purposes. On request, individual solutions for special requirements can also be developed. Many years of experience in product development and a focus on quality guarantee that individually developed and manufactured Big Bags always meet the highest standards.

QUP is particularly respected in the field of flexible industrial packaging with the special product “Big Bag”. This goal was achieved through extensive knowledge and many years of experience as a manufacturer and supplier of big bags.

Quality and price are not just two words for us, but our main driving forces in this business. In addition to these, we act as consultants for your packaging solutions in order to present you with a solid product with minimal costs and the highest quality.

Our concern is not money-oriented, we seek a long-term business relationship with all our respected business partners. For this reason, we share our knowledge and experience with our customers to offer them the most efficient way of packaging. We always help to solve your problems, as we can offer completely different types or different designs of big bags for customer-specific requirements.

Please rest assured that you do not need to buy big bags from us. We are always happy to advise you competently on the style of big bag types adapted to your needs, which you actually need. Please do not hesitate and contact us if you need professional help.