UN (ADR) Big Bags

UN (ADR) Big Bags
International standards are mentioned by the United Nations in the Orange Book to protect human health and the environment. Groups II and III must be able to be stored and transported by these big bags. UN Big Bags are tested and certified by testing institutes according to extreme limit values. If required, we produce on the basis of these certificates.

The UN certificate number (substance number) and all other information must be printed on each UN Big Bag.

These Big Bags (FIBCs) comply with the IEC 61340-4-4 standard. The grounding resistance must be less than 108 ohms. In addition, the breakdown voltage must be less than 6 kV.

Packaging group 1 with the UN symbol X does not apply to FIBCs, but only to rigid IBCs.

There are four types of FIBCs for dangerous goods.
13H1: PP fabric, uncoated and without liner
13H2: PP fabric, coated and without liner
13H3: PP fabric, uncoated and with liner
13H4: PP fabric, coated and with liner

Degree of hazard Packaging Group UN symbol Max. Volume
High I X 1.5 m3
Medium II Y 3 m3
Small III Z 3 m3
UN (ADR) Big Bags

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