What are Big Bags (FIBC)?

Big Bag, known as FIBC (first letter of “Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container”), also known as Bulk Bag, is used for transporting and storing of almost all types of dry powdered or dry whole piece of materials. These powdered or whole piece materials can be any granulated chemical material, food material, agricultural (grain, seed, fruit, vegetable, etc).

It is able to fill one Big Bag between the load of 50 kg to 2500 kg. It depends on the bulk density of filled material and dimensions of Big Bag.

Production of Big Bag is a relatively long process and human labor is very high during this process. To explain this process briefly, firstly polypropylene yarns are produced in extrusion stage by polypropylene raffia grade raw material. In second stage, it is also called weaving process, these yarns are placed on weaving machine in appropriate way to produce woven PP (Polypropylene) fabric. In third stage, which is cutting process, fabrics are cut according to Big Bag dimensions and in last stage these fabrics are sewn to obtain final product Big Bag.

There are many types of Big Bags but they are mainly classified into two categories as 1-2 Loops Big Bags and 4 Loops Big Bags. These also have their own varieties. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.