QUP Big Bags for a wide range of applications

Conventional big bags are particularly often used to collect, transport and then dispose of construction site or garden waste as well as construction rubble. Of course, big bags can also be used for the storage and transport of lighter materials (e.B paper).

Of course, the big bags from QUP are also suitable for fulfilling the tasks mentioned. However, QUP Verpackung GmbH has not only specialized in the delivery of “conventional” big bags, but also manufactures its flexible and robust containers individually according to customer requirements. This has the advantage that big bags can be ideally adapted to all customer requirements.

Accordingly, QUP-Big Bags are not only suitable for the collection, storage and transport of waste materials. Rather, the robust, specially adapted bags can also be used for the permanent storage of residual materials, as product packaging for bulk materials such as granules or cocoa beans as well as in many other industrial sectors.